UTL150BT: 15kg Graphite Grey Top Loader Washing Machine

Efficient & Effective Cleaning, Soft On Your Clothes.

If you are looking for a reliable, large washing machine to tackle the most stubborn stains, then the new Univa Graphite Grey 15 kilogram top loader is the machine for you!

3D Turbo Wash technology provides 9 Main wash programmes and 4 Auxiliary functions that generates a powerful, tangle free wash for all fabric types.

This environmentally friendly machine gives you plenty of choice for all your laundry requirements at an affordable price.

The modern, reliable unit includes a tempered soft close glass door to eliminate all unexpected bangs.

Its smart wash IMD Control panel makes this machine extremely easy to use, with waterproof push button settings that allow you to customize the wash programme, water level and spin cycle, you can even pause your load if you need to!

And for those little fingers which just love to get into everything, we have the perfect Child Lock operation to keep your kids… and your laundry safe.

The machines drum has been designed to give you the perfect wash. The stainless-steel rust-free drum has been designed with 2 key features.

The unique “soft wave” design of the diamond drum provides enhanced protection and care for your delicate clothes, this keeps them looking newer for longer.

To ensure we give you powerful cleaning technology, the machine has been fitted with a quad rotating pulsator that produces powerful jet streams which generate an efficient and effective fast wash.

Join South Africa’s reliable appliance brand and keep making the best first impression with a clean and neat look. The new Univa 20 kilogram Top Loader. Everything you need, and more.

Top Features

15 Min Quick Wash

15 Minute Quick Wash

Designed to clean small, lightly soiled loads in 15 minutes.

15KG Large Wash

15kg Large Wash Capacity

Wash large amounts of items including duvets and other large laundry items in an oversized washing tub.

Air Dry

Air Dry

Extracts the left-over water from your clothes for faster drying. Select between 4 air dry options at a press of a button.

Stainess Steel Drum

Stainless Steel Diamond Drum

The rust-free stainless-steel drum protects your clothes and extends the life of the drum.

Turbo Wash Technology (1)

Turbo Wash Technology

Triple rotating pulsator produces powerful streams which generates an efficient and effective fast wash.

Waterproof IMD Panel

Waterproof IMD Panel

Waterproof panel prevents moisture from seeping into the control panel.

2 Year Guarantee

Inspired by reliability, superior quality, guaranteed! Selected Univa appliances carry a two-year guarantee.

No unexpected bangs!

Soft Close Lid

The Soft Closing Door shuts gently and quietly. A tempered glass window adds durability and strength, so it won’t get scratched or damaged.

Removes the fluff and lint particles

Lint Filter

Keep those irritating white fluff marks off your clothes and prevent your drain from getting clogged up.

Smart washing

Auto Programme

Special self-programming can adjust the water level, time, rinsing cycles and spin duration according to the number of clothes and the degree of soiling.

3 Powerful wash cycles

Turbo Drum

Remove the toughest stains through powerful jet streams. This provides an intensive wash that results in tangle free clean clothes that prolong the life span of delicate laundry items.

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